How can I see the LS3015FC in action?

The Muratec 2D Fiber Laser is available at our showroom in Charlotte for demonstrations. Unlike our other products that are sold through authorized Muratec distributors, the LS3015FC Fiber Laser is marketed and sold directly through Muratec. To schedule a demo of the LS3015FC, click here.

What materials can be cut on Muratec's LS3015FC Fiber Laser?

The solid-state fiber laser beam can cut the same materials as a CO2 laser, but with greater precision and repeatability. Muratec's fiber laser efficiently processes sheet metals and excels at cutting reflective materials such as copper and aluminum.

What advantage do fiber lasers have over CO2 lasers?

  • Sheet metal processing speeds up to three times faster
  • Lower power consumption
  • Lower cost of ownership and maintenance
  • Lower hourly operating cost
  • Greatly reduced maintenance time
  • Fast machine start-up
  • Effective processing of reflective materials
  • Higher overall part accuracy
  • Detailed marking
  • Accurate round holes
  • Machine reliability

Is the Muratec LS3015FC Fiber Laser easy to maintain?

Precitec Cutting Head processes a full range of material with no lens changes, thus eliminating the chance of contamination and reducing machine maintenance. A protective glass equipped with an indicator light detects and prevents damage to other major components of the cutting head. The LS30115FC requires no turbo blower rebuild, no internal optics alignment or replacement and no resonator refurbishment. The Muratec high-precision fiber laser  features maintenance-free linear drives and fewer wear parts overall.

How efficient is the LS3015FC Fiber Laser?

Low-wattage fiber beam output is controlled to produce high-quality marking results, add legible part numbers or reference marks, and reduce secondary operation times. A dual-pallet system preps new material and prevents parts and scrap from falling onto the material during exchange. The Muratec Fiber Laser has a 25-30% plug-in wall efficiency over a CO2 Laser. The Fiber Laser requires no laser resonator gas or expensive internal optics.

What about operator safety?

A fully enclosed cutting area equipped with a re-circulating ventilation system improves safety and provides a clean working environment.


LS3015FCFiber Laser
Max. Cutting Area 3,070 mm x 1,550 mm x 95 mm
[120.8" x 61.0" x 3.7"]
Max. Material Weight 600 kg [1322 lbs]
Fast Traverse Speed 340 m/min (XY simultaneous)
Positioning +/-0.01 mm [+/-0.0004"]
Repeatability +/-0.01 mm [+/-0.0004"]
Laser Wavelength 1.07 μm
Installation Area
(L × W × H)
11,400 mm × 3,750 mm × 2,590 mm
[37'5" × 12'4" × 8'16"]
Wattages Available 2.5, 4, 5
Air Supply Flow Rate: 130 NL/min
Pressure: 0.5 MPa [71 PSI]

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